Cannabis Contributes to  Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Job  Growth

Cannabis Contributes to Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Job Growth

Cannabis is the birth of a market and offers an exponential amount of potential and promise for entrepreneurs.

The legalization of Cannabis has opened an entire world of entrepreneurial exploration. In 2018, ArcView Market Research estimates the cannabis industry accounted for over 211,000 jobs. By 2021, that estimation is expected to double, as legalization offers opportunities to more areas.

Long story short, the cannabis industry is expanding to epic proportions; going far beyond dispensaries and the highly regulated licenses. Here are the main reasons entrepreneurs are flourishing through the Cannabis market:

Even Playing Field
The cannabis industry is new. (At least, the legal cannabis industry.) Therefore, it provides an even playing field for every type of entrepreneur. Young entrepreneurs have the same ability to break into the market and find success as people who have been an entrepreneur for decades. It is a unique and
fascinating opportunity. It is rare that a new product genre is introduced to the public; especially one that is already known, has a following, and is not exclusively digital.

Basically, the cannabis industry is a gold mine of possibilities for business owners and employees. Likely, this is the biggest opportunity global commerce will get; at least throughout our current generation.

Therefore, whether you are just starting out or simply looking to expand, the cannabis industry is tried
and true.

Excess of Opportunity
The opportunity that the cannabis industry offers is huge and expands over multiple industries. Anyone interested in physical or digital distribution, cryptocurrency, merchandising, or simply finding a lucrative job will flourish. There is so much more behind the economic growth of cannabis than the substance
itself. Regardless of where you are in the country right now, there are opportunities

Plus, beyond the substance, there is CBD oil and medicinal opportunities that are cropping up all over the country. At this point, the national legalization of cannabis is only going to compound the already expansive opportunities available to entrepreneurs.

In summation, it is important for people to realize the true and lasting possibilities of cannabis. Thinking creatively about how to incorporate the niche into a business is the gateway to success. Get in on it while it’s up for grabs because the market is about to get a darker, more natural shade of green.

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