Cannabis Usage Linked to Healthy  Hair Growth

Cannabis Usage Linked to Healthy Hair Growth

A commonality between most of humanity is the desire to have healthy hair. Whether the individual keeps their hair long or short there is a definite widespread desire to have healthy growing hair. An extension of that desire is for our hair go grow quickly.

Now that Cannabis use is becoming less taboo and more openly used by the public, it has come to the attention of consumers that hair growth and Cannabis might be related.

People who use Cannabis between three and five times per week are reporting that the speed of their hair growth is improving dramatically. The most intriguing part is that science tends to agree with these reports.

The Balancing of Estrogen Levels
Cannabis is believed to help raise and balance estrogen levels. Higher (or balanced) levels of estrogen help hair grow. Ironically, though, in men, prolong higher levels of estrogen are also linked to baldness. For women, higher estrogen levels are related to unreliable menstrual cycles and other womanly issues.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to try to increase your estrogen levels, especially for specifically increasing hair growth.

Promoting a Healthy Metabolism
Cannabis use speeds up a person’s metabolic rate. This is not just related to their
metabolism being higher, though; the metabolic rate plays a role in digestion, as well as an all-around faster body. This all sounds great, until it is revealed that aging is also rapidly onset by a quicker metabolic rate. The good news is that it is possible to protect yourself from the negative aspects of a faster metabolism by helping your body to get antioxidants and drink a lot of water.

Stress Relief
Stress relief is a common effect of Cannabis use. In turn, the lack of stress can help prevent hair loss. This will make your hair healthier and grow faster (because it isn’t falling out). This is probably the best reason all around to use Cannabis. Relieving stress goes beyond hair growth, as leading a less stressful life can improve mood, curb depression, and help rid victims from their insomnia.

In summation, science tends to support the claims of Cannabis users when it comes to hair growth and hair retention. However, this is more of a happy side-effect than a recommended reason for using Cannabis. There simply is not enough evidence to support this claim, although the research is promising. The good news is, that along with this new information, science is also confirming many health-related benefits for consuming Cannabis. Thus, for the time being, it is probably best to use Cannabis for an alternate health-reason, at least until more research can be conducted.

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