Follow These Rules so Your Vape Devices are Permitted on Your Next  Flight

Follow These Rules so Your Vape Devices are Permitted on Your Next Flight

Winter is here! For many of us, that means catching a plane to anywhere that’s
warmer, the first chance we get. However, vaping has, ironically, been under fire lately for health hazards and the ever-changing TSA is always jumping on the bandwagon of safety with their protocols. These directives chance frequently, so it is difficult to know what is acceptable and what is not. This usually leaves vapers in the wind, trying to figure out whether their devices are permitted on flights.

Fortunately, the quick answer is yes. Unfortunately, there is a litany of rules and regulations that make this yes highly contingent. Here are all the rules vapers must follow in order to get their devices safely
through security:

Vape Batteries Must Be Removed from Checked Baggage
While the device itself is allowed on the plane, the TSA ruled in 2016 that batteries were not allowed on planes as part of your checked baggage. The batteries that accompanied cheap vape devices were quickly deemed a hazard to checked baggage, all batteries needed to be kept on the owner’s person or as part of carry-on luggage.

Disassembled Vape Devices are a Traveler’s Friend
Disassembling your vape before going through airport security is the best way not to get on the bad side of the airport staff. The tightened regulations concerning vapes on a plane makes the best option the one of complete compliance. Fully disassembled vapes include batteries that are removed from mods, atomizers that are detached, and an empty vape cartridge. That’s right, your e-juice needs to be stored in your carry on and nothing will be allowed in your tank. (This is to avoid the 3-1-1 rule that makes carrying liquids on planes far more trouble than their worth.)

No Vaping on the Plane
Wait…What? Kindly remember that this is the TSA. Their logic is
sometimes…interesting. Although you can have a vape on the plane, always remember that you are not allowed to actually vape on a plane. The main reason is that vaping is considered a potential fire hazard. Airlines want to ensure that the batteries and the device are separated during the flight. The highly sensitive smoke alarms that are now equipped on every plane will ensure that you cannot even get away with a quick puff in the bathroom. Do not risk it. Seriously.

Know Before You Go
Before you travel, make sure that your destination is vape-friendly. After all, not all
countries welcome vaping and some destinations could get you sent home for bringing a vape. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know the e-cig laws and restrictions of your destination. After all, a quick internet search should provide you with everything
you need to know.

In summation, traveling with a vape is like traveling with most anything else; it is
inconvenient and can turn out to be a hassle, but it is doable. There are hundreds of vaping travelers who fly every day, without an issue. This goes to prove that for as big of a deal as different entities might make it out to be, it really isn’t all that bad. Just follow the rules, be respectful of the regulations in place, and you will be fine.

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