TSA is Topsy-Turvy on New CBD Oil Regulations

TSA is Topsy-Turvy on New CBD Oil Regulations

TSA seems as confounded as the rest of us on whether new CBD Oil regulations allow passengers to bring the substance on a plane.

The Transformation Security Administration (TSA) usually draws a hard line on items that can be brought on an airplane. Of course, most of these regulations are understandable, unfortunately. In a world where terrorism can happen at any time, safety always wins out over comfort. Yet, recently, new regulations of CBD oil have got everyone, including the TSA scratching their heads.

Until recently, the answer to whether CBD Oil was allowed on a plane was a loud, resounding, punishable by law, no. However, according to today’s regulations, the TSA states, “Medical marijuana can be transported in carry-on bags and checked bags, with the proviso of special instructions.” The problem: Not even the TSA knows what those special instructions are.


To clarify, the TSA does have a distinction and reason for the change. According to the website, products and medications that are produced under the FDAs guidelines are legal, under the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. (Which, by the way, includes much more than simply hemp and CBD oil.)

This distinction brings both good and bad news: The bad news is, most available CBD Oil does not adhere to these guidelines, though there are some products that do. The good news, for travelers, is the TSA likely will not be able to tell the difference. When asked about it, the TSA responded that they needed to confer with their lawyers. (Ouch!)

Here comes the unfortunate part, when it comes to laws and gambling, more often then not, the house always wins. Therefore, while the TSA claims it does not look for Cannabis (or other illegal material) if it
is found, the law will get involved.

While definitive clarification on this issue has yet to arise, specific medicinal uses are specifically named. While that does not answer the question about CBD oil, at least those who really need medication shouldn’t have an issue. This includes children who suffer from seizures due to pediatric epilepsy.

Otherwise, however, the law seems to be at the discretion of the finder. To be safe and not run into any trouble, it is a good idea to leave the CBD oil at home. That is, at least until there are some set-in-stone
parameters for CBD oil, specifically.

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