Using an Oil Syringe for Concentrates Ensures Accuracy

Accuracy is important. When it comes to measuring oil, accuracy is a direct correlation to money. If you use too much or too little, you are either not getting the affects appropriately, or you are wasting your hard-earned cash. After all, Cannabis Oil is not cheap, so you want to ensure you are getting the most accurate measurement possible. Oil syringes are the most reliable, accurate, and easiest measuring tool, when it comes to obtaining a specific dosage of cannabis oil. This tool has a record of accuracy that is second-to-none. Yet, because of the media and negative connotations surrounding the syringe, people often opt for a more socially acceptable form of measurement.

Unfortunately, that also means their oil is going to waste, as the accuracy of other
methods are not as precise or user friendly.

Using an Oil Syringe
The idea of using a Cannabis oil syringe as a measuring device often evokes images of unsavory situations. Yet, those situations simply do not apply to this tool. First and foremost, there is no injecting. The syringe, with or without an applicator is used strictly for measuring oil. Thus, all the images that seem to be associated with syringes do not apply.

Additionally, there are many different types of oil syringe models available today, that it is easy to find a product to fit your specific needs. This is especially true if you are using Cannabis oil for medical purposes. Most patients are instructed to use an exact dose, like any other prescription. For this reason, most syringes have measurement indicators to help users be precise.

Another reason the oil syringe is paramount to other measurement devices is that it does not let the oil go to waste. Many dab containers make it difficult to extract every drop of oil. This can prove to be an expensive difficulty. Thankfully, when an oil syringe is used, the plunger mechanism in the syringe helps to ensure the oil is quickly and accurately extracted.

Is an Applicator Necessary?
For many people, the syringe itself is far less daunting than the applicator; specifically, the needle. Many times, a syringe will not even come with a metal applicator and for many Cannabis oil uses, a metal applicator is not even necessary. In fact, oils can sometimes clog metal applicators which can make them difficult to clean, wasteful, and inefficient tools. Therefore, for many applications, an applicator is not even the best option.

Alternatively, though, the inconvenience of a metal applicator does not override the level of control some users believe a metal applicator provides. Thus, whether a person chooses to use an applicator or not is left to personal preference, in most cases. Ultimately, using an oil syringe has garnered a bad image, specifically because of the role it plays in other aspects of drug use; completely unrelated to Cannabis oil.

Regardless, Cannabis oil syringes are the best form of measurement available for oils. The control, versatility, and accuracy are unmatched. Hopefully, this method of measurement will be able to transcend its stereotypes and become a mainstream product.

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