2oz Child Resistant Black Glass Jars with Cap - 2.5 Grams - 200 Count

Shop for a variety of high-quality, low price Glass Jars in all shapes and sizes at Flower Power Packages. This 2oz Child Resistant Black Glass Jar with Cap is a popular one!

The 2oz Child Resistant Black Glass Jars with Cap is ideal for those who want to maintain the maximum freshness of their products. Components of these jars ensure that your product cannot encounter excessive moisture, temperature, and light. These jars have lids that are both moisture-resistant and odor-free. The black tint on its glass prevents UV light from passing through, which can affect the potency of your cannabis. Excessive exposure to light can make your weed brittle, which can result from its degrading THC. When THC concentration reduces, the psychoactive effect is minimized, thus losing its quality.

The caps make sure the container is airtight, featuring a pushdown and turn cap with easy grip ridges. The 2oz Child Resistant Black Glass Jars can store 1/8oz flower and edibles and concentrate on personal and commercial use.

The best selection of wholesale glass jars with lids also known as dabs containers, oil containers, and wax containers, Simply twist off the upper cap and store your medications.

  • Price Per Unit $1.22
  • Material  - Glass, Plastic Cap
  • Size 2oz
  • Dimensions H:2.15in x D:2.25in
  • Cap Style  - Child Resistant Push Down Cap
  • Capacity 2 - 3.5 Grams (1/8 ounce flower)
  • Cap Color - Black
  • Quantity 200
  • Use With  - Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale