18oz Wooden Lid Suction Glass Jars - 28 Grams 40 Count

Shop for unique, high-quality low price Glass Jars on all sizes and shapes at Flower Power Packages. This 18oz Glass Jar with wooden lid suction is constructed of crystal clear smooth glass and a high-quality bamboo lid with a silicone ring seal to keep air out for maximum freshness. These are for businesses looking for a natural, rustic, or high end look to package their products for display or resale. The 18-ounce glass jar is the industry-leading choice for 1oz of flower, edibles, food products, and crafts.

These jars have durable lids made of bamboo and silicone ring to regulate moisture and maintain the potency of cannabis. Not only can it prevent moisture inside, but it inhibits the release of any harmful toxins. This preservation method can help elongate the strength of your buds’ aroma, taste, and overall quality.

Did you know that we can customize our jars? Our glass jars can include labels or we can etch lids to accommodate the branding needs of smoke shops, vape stores, dispensary suppliers, tea, candy, and spice brands. 

  • Material Glass, Bamboo /w Silicone Lid
  • Size 18oz
  • Dimensions H: 4.6"in x D: 3.35"in (Cap D: 3.45"in)
  • Cap Style Suction Silicone Lid
  • Capacity 28 Grams (1-ounce flower)
  • Quantity 40 Jars
  • Use With  - Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale


Need a customization quote? Email your logo design (PDF) and the product page link to custom@flowerpowerpackages.com to get a quote.

(example etching below)