1oz Glass Jars with Black Caps - 1 Gram - 252 Count Glass Containers Screw Lid

Shop for a variety of high-quality, low price Glass Jars in all shapes and sizes at Flower Power Packages. The 1oz Glass Jars with Black Caps is one of our most popular products for storing 1 gram of flower, edibles, and concentrates. These are favored by many, for they have a plethora of uses. These glass jars can store oil, concentrates, and cosmetic products. The size is just the right fit for your pockets, making it ideal for travel. These have black caps that exude elegance while creating a tight seal to keep your products fresh.

Glass jars are also known as dabs containers, oil containers, and wax containers. Simply twist off the cap and store your medications.

Know that you've come to the right place to find a wide selection of wholesale glass jars with all size lids.

  • Price Per Unit  - $0.3950
  • Material  - Glass, Plastic Cap
  • Size  - 1oz
  • Dimensions H:2.07in x D:1.5in
  • Cap Style   - Screw Top
  • Capacity  -  1 Gram (1 gram flower)
  • Cap Color  -  Black
  • Quantity  -  252
  • Use With  - Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale