2oz Wood Lid Suction Glass Jars - 3.5 Grams 200 Count

Shop for unique, high-quality low price Glass Jars in all colors, shapes and sizes at Flower Power Packages. Our wooden lid suction jar is constructed of crystal clear glass and a high-quality bamboo lid with a silicone ring seal to keep air out for maximum freshness.  These 2oz Wood Lid Suction Glass Jars are for businesses looking for a natural or high end look to package their products for display or resale. This glass jar is the industry-leading choice for 1/8oz eighth of flower, edibles, food products, and crafts.

  • Material Glass, Bamboo /w Silicone Lid
  • Size 2oz
  • Dimensions H:2.76in x D:1.85in (cap D:1.97in)
  • Cap Style Suction Lid
  • Capacity 2 - 3.5 Grams (1/8 ounce flower)
  • Quantity 200
  • Use With  - Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale

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