6oz Wooden Lid Suction Glass Jars 10 Grams 120 Count

Shop for high-quality, low price glass jars in all sizes and shapes at Flower Power Packages. Our wooden lid suction jar is constructed of crystal clear glass and a high-quality bamboo lid with a silicone ring seal to keep air out for maximum freshness.  These are for businesses looking for a natural or high end look to package their products for dispensing, display, or resale.  The slim 6-ounce glass jar is the industry-leading choice for a multi-pack of 84mm or 1 1/4" pre-rolls or slim container for 9-10 grams of flower, edibles, food products, and crafts.

These glass jars provide ease, perfect for travel, and long-distance deliveries. The thick glass and airtight lids of our Wooden Lid Suction Glass Jars are sure to keep your products secure. The composition of caps is made of bamboo and silicone ring to prevent moisture. Exposure to moisture degrades THC concentration, which affects the potency of your weed. 

The 6oz Wood Lid Suction Glass Jars are customizable for personal and commercial use.  You can customize them to add your flair or to represent your brand. Dispensary suppliers, vape shops, and smoke stores can buy these jars in bulk for wholesale prices.

Need a customization quote? 

Email your logo design (PDF) and the product page link to info@flowerpowerpackages.com to get a custom quote. 

Material Glass, Bamboo /w Silicone Lid
Size 6oz
Dimensions H:4.63in x D:1.86in (cap D:1.98in)
Cap Style Suction Silicone Lid
Capacity 9-10 Grams Flower or 1 1/4" Pre Rolls
Quantity  120
Use With

Small Pre Rolls, Display, Storage, Food, Craft, Samples, Resale