Kandypens Feather Vaporizer All Colors

Shop for high-quality, low price vape pens in all brands, colors and sizes at Flower Power Packages. KandyPens limited edition Feather box mod vaporizer is the Feather lightweight and ultra-compact at only 3.5 inches long, but it is also the first ever e-cigarette designed specifically for nicotine salts!

For those new to the vaping world, nicotine salts are able to provide a higher concentration of nicotine while still maintaining a smooth and pleasant vaping experience. If you’re a heavy smoker looking to make the switch to vaping, nicotine salts are going to have the highest likelihood of satisfying your cravings!

While the KandyPens Feather vaporizer may look small, the quality technology built into the compact shell is anything but. The air-activated system is powered by a 380 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When taking a hit, the force of the air entering into the device activates the Feather’s heating system, delivering a satisfying hit of smooth vapor.

The battery can be recharged using the included micro-USB charger and battery use is monitored by an LED-indicator light. The tank holds 2ml of nicotine salt vape juice and is easily refillable, giving you the freedom to use any nicotine salt e-liquid your heart desires.