120mm RX Squeeze Tubes Opaque Translucent 500 Count

Shop for high-quality low price RX Squeeze Cone Tubes perfect for King sized cones at Flower Power Packages. Squeeze Top Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Joint Tubes are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging pre-rolls. Featuring a positive seal for enhanced freshness. The odor-tight seal significantly decreases odor to ensure secure storage and privacy. These Green 120mm tubes are sized for blunts or extended length pre-rolls cones.  These are absolute must have for any dispensary or collective. 

  • Dimensions H:120mm x D:19mm
  • Cap Style  - Squeeze to open cap / pop top
  • Color Opaque Green
  • Quantity of 500 units
  • Certification ASTM Child Resistant Certified
  • Fit Fits all King Sized Cones / King Sized Pre-Rolls