Opaque Gold 30 Dram Reversible Cap Vials 190 COUNT

Shop for high-quality low price child resistant Reversible cap vials in all colors and sizes at Flower Power Packages. This opaque Gold 30-dram eversible cap bottle 190 count functions as both a child resistant push down and turn container as well as a simple screw top for when easier access is needed. Reverse cap vials help keep medications fresh and odors in check. Reverse cap vials are perfect for preserving products, prescription medications and more. Reverse cap vials are a popular choice for pharmacies and medical suppliers.

  • Price Per Unit  $0.227
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Size 30 Dram
  • Dimensions 1.50" x 3.66"
  • Capacity 6 - 7.5 Grams
  • Color Gold
  • Quantity 190
  • Use With Prescriptions, Flowers, Storage, Food, Crafts
  • Cap Style - Child Resistant Push & Turn