Collection: Stash Cans & Jars

Shop for the most discreet stash cans online at Flower Power Packages. Stash Cans are absolutely the best storage solutions for anyone that likes to be discreet with their money, jewelry, and other small things of value. Stash cans are made to resemble everyday household products like soda and beer cans, household cleaners, food items and much more.

The coolest part about storing your items in a discreet stash can is that it blends in with other ordinary supplies and your friends and family would never guess what's inside!

Most stash cans offer e a removable base or top that opens up to a secret storage area. All stash cans are weighted to feel just like the real thing so even when they're picked up it won't be obvious. Some food items, such as the Pringles stash can get really creative and actually contain real food inside so when you shake them it's impossible to tell there's anything but food inside.

If you're looking for a convenient and discreet way to hide your smoking accessories, cash or personal items we definitely recommend shopping online at Flower Power Packaging and perusing our huge selection of secret stash cans.

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