Types of Vape Products

  • Tight draw
  • Resembles a cigarette
  • Limited flavor options
  • Should include battery, charger, and disposable cartridge
Pod Mod
  • Tight draw
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect starter device for making the switch
  • Similar size as ecigs but a little bigger
  • Should include charger, battery, and pre-filled flavor pod
Vape Pen
  • Bigger than ecig
  • Can last all day on one charge
  • Offers good quality vapor
  • Should include battery, tank, and USB charging cable
  • Some come with extra coils
  • E-liquid sold separately
Box Mod
  • Battery is very powerful
  • Rectangular shape
  • Massive clouds and great tasting vapor
  • Wide variety of customizable products
  • Battery and tank are usually sold separately
  • E-liquid sold separately