Vaping vs Smoking

First, let’s cover what vaping is and what it is not. Vaping is the process of heating up an e-liqid (or any substance) to the point where it turns into vapor. Once the e-liquid transforms into vapor, you can pull it into your mouth or lungs.

It’s awesome because it doesn’t produce anywhere near the amount of chemicals and carcinogens as smoking. A recent study has shown that vaping indoors doesn’t negatively impact the air quality of your home.

Now let’s be clear about this, vaping is not smoking. A lot of people call vapor, “smoke.” Those two words are not interchangeable. Smoking is the process of lighting dry material on fire and inhaling the carcinogenic byproduct. When you smoke, you are inhaling tons of carcinogens and chemicals which could cause cancer. Vapor is a safer way to deliver nicotine to your body (2).

When you get your first kit, you need to know how to operate it properly. If you just wing it, you could end up damaging or breaking it before getting the chance to enjoy it. When this happens, people get turned off from vaping because they think it’s too complicated and not as good as smoking.

While smoking does have less of a learning curve, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vaping is fun and easy once you get the basics down. It’s like riding a bike, start with training wheels until you have the basics down. Then you can take off your training wheels, upgrade, and ride anywhere.

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