Budbox Indoor Grow Tents

Maintaining a proper growing environment is crucial for a successful, high-yielding grow. Indoor growing tents provide a convenient way to isolate your growing area so you can maintain proper temperature, humidity, light and odor containment while keeping out dust and insects. BudBox grow tents are the newest, highest-quality, sturdiest tents we've used- and over many years of indoor growing, we've tried them all! Featuring the first white interior we have seen, easy assembly, easy access, sturdy frames to hold lights, filters and fans, the BudBox tents are the best way to create a self-contained environment for your indoor garden and maximize yields. A gorilla could hang from these grow tents!

  • WHITE INTERIOR — Pro White material offers class leading PAR results, as a light-focused company we can tell you that this makes a difference in yields.
  • POWDER COATED TEMPERED STEEL — Strong, black powder-coated frames in 16mm & 25mm tempered rolled steel.
  • ALL METAL CONNECTORS — All metal push & click corner connectors.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY — Quick lock, push & click pole assembly.
  • VENTS — Oversized vents.
  • VIEWING WINDOW — Special green viewing window allows you to see your garden for easy and quick check-ups..
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS —Strong door clips & branded, high quality zippers.
  • EXCELLENT VENTILATION — Multiple ventilation and access ports with lower vent windows with micro-mesh screens and closeable covers.