Dust Shroom Air Filter

Keeping fresh air flowing into your garden without bringing in harmful bugs, mold, bacteria, and more, can be a tall order. The Horti-Control foam HEPA filter Dust Shroom helps you do this all while not causing restrictions which reduces CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The Horti-Control reusable 4 Inch HEPA air filter is designed to keep dust, dirt, bugs, mold and bacteria out of indoor gardens and air-cooled reflectors. Horti-Control teamed up with the leader in foam filter design to create a filter for indoor gardeners. This revolutionary filter will keep your LED grow lights, inline fans, ice boxes, and ducting dust free. This 4 Inch air filter will also keep mold, mildew, pests, and bacteria out of your garden!

  • Simply install your 4 inch air intake filter
  • Comes Pre-Oiled
  • Washable and Reuseable
  • Shipped in discreet plain brown box
  • Filters all debris down to .1 Micron
  • Engineered and built by Uni Filter
  • Zero CFM (cubic feet per minute) loss
  • Installs in seconds
Shipping Size No
Shipping Weight (lb.) 1.0000
Product Dimensions No
Weight No