Futurola Tobacco Free Blunt New King Size Cones 109/26

Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones and Blunts are made to work directly with the Futurola Knockbox! Futurola offers 7 different size cones that are available in a Classic White Paper, Dutch Brown Paper or in a tobacco-free Blunt Cone. Each cone size comes with the option of a blank non printed tip or the Futurola Logo printed on the tip. Pre-Rolled Cones sold only in case quantities.

Pre-Rolled Cones
Thr Futurola pre-rolled cones are hand rolled to perfection with organic arabic gum. Handcrafted with the highest quality paper, each Pre-rolled Cone from Futurola is the best you’ve ever laid eyes on, a piece of art in itself. Futurola has a great brand reputation for high-quality products. These cones consistently burn slow and even, qualities consumers favor.

Pre-Rolled Tobacco-Free Blunt Cones
Superior. Sensual. Unique. The Futurola pre-rolled blunt cones are the latest release in a history of innovation from Futurola. The blunt cones are designed for use with the Futurola Knoxbox.

400 Cones Per Box

109mm Cone
26mm Filter Tip

Available for purchase:

  • 400 COUNT
  • 2400 COUNT