Grindarolla Multi-Cone Rolling Machine

The Grindarolla is a clever and handy little device that changes the game in the way you make your own herb filled cigarettes. It's basically a multi-piece grinder and funnel system that allows you to make 1 or up to 6 perfect pre-rolls at the same time. 

Watch the demo below and you can see that with a little practice, almost anybody-  even those with zero rolling skills or experience - can create up to 6 "perfect rolls" in less than 2 minutes, and with minimal effort.

Comes with a packing tool, funnel, grinder, and stash container all built snugly into the light and very portable unit. 

* And, as a bundle option, we include 6 packs of RAW cones, each one containing 3 rolls each, so you can make up to 18 perfect rolls before you need to restock on your cones. 

It's an invention aimed at new rollers or those that prefer simplicity and perfection in their final products. 




  • Product Features:
  • Tab 2
  • Tab 3
  • Paper size match 79mm - 1 1/4 - 1.25 Material Acrylic Pieces 7 Length 16cm - 6.5in Weight 110g - 3.8oz 

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