King Palm Mini Rolls Includes Boveda (8 Pouches of 25)

  • 8 Pack 25 Count PER POUCH
  • INCLUDES BOVEDA Humidity Pack 1.36

You can’t get more natural than King Palm Wraps Mini Rolls. Crafted from handpicked palm leaves that have been cleansed with purified water, these sustainable and fully biodegradable blunt wrap solutions use no pesticides, artificial chemicals, dangerous fertilizers, glue or additives.

The result is a tobacco-free roll that rates among the best blunt wraps for its even, leisurely burn and cooled hits thanks to a built-in corn husk filter. King Palm Mini Rolls are hand-rolled so all you need to do is fill them up with semi-chunky ground herb and enjoy. They’re perfect for those of us who love to smoke blunts but aren’t the best at rolling one; no splitting, no licking, no hassle. A packing stick is included to make it even easier for you to enjoy legendary blunts. King Palm Mini Rolls come backed with a one-year freshness guarantee supported by a 72% Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Pack included in the packaging.