King Size (110mm) Lion Rolling Circus Cigarette Rolling Machine w/ Extra Mesh

Can you roll a perfect KING SIZE joint? If so, good on ya' as you are one of the blessed few with this much saught after skill... 

BUT IF YOU CAN'T ROLL, (like most of us), then these awesome and unbelievably HANDY gadgets are guaranteed to become your new best friend! Learn the simple rolling technique in a few minutes and you'll be rolling as many perfect King sized doobies as you want, whenever you want, wherever you go. 

And to give you even more rolling value for your money, each one of these Lion Rolling Circus rolling machines comes with an EXTRA MESH replacement. (which is way freaky cool.)  

So, now that you know how to start rolling like a pro, get your KING SIZE roll on today!

Material Plastic w/ nylon mesh
Size  110mm - King Size (Big Smoke) 
Brand Lion Rolling Circus