Kolibri Knight Top Load Money Machine & Bill Counter

  • Counts quickly, accurately and continuously thanks to the front-loading hopper! Counts up to 1,250 bills per minute while eliminating any doubt in the correctness of the count.
  • Includes multiple modes to save time; Automatic, Manual, Count, Add, Batch and Add plus Batch for a wide variety of money counting needs.
  • Defends against counterfeits with ultraviolet, magnetic detection, and IR (for paper thickness) systems
  • Intuitive control panel and a large, easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Purchase with confidence: the Knight is backed by a one-year warranty. This only counts the total number of bills in the stack. It does not subtotal the count by denomination or monetary value. For these functions, you need a Bill Reader Please make sure that the feed gap is adjusted properly before using.