Lucky Coin Glass Rig

Shop for high-quality low price glass Rigs at Flower Power Packages. The Lucky Coin Rig is a compact and simple recycler that uses the smallest amount of water to spin and cool your vapors. The compact size and low water level mean less air and water to dilute the flavor of your terpenes. The circular shape of the coin is a simple but excellent shape to create a water cycle that will still cool off your smoke, even in such a small space!

The double diffuser creates a water and air system of small smoke bubbles, cooling it enough for your consumption. The compact chamber also keeps your terpenes rich in flavor and undiluted!

Whether you're cannabis friendly or new to the scene, you won't be disappointed with this puff – try the Coin Rig and savor the flavor!

  • 6" Inches Tall
  • (1) Lucky Coin Rig
  • (1) Male 14mm Flower Bowl