Mylar Bag Tear Notch Clear Black 7" X 2.71" - 1,000 COUNT

Shop for high-quality, low price wholesale odor-proof, heat sealable Mylar Bags for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinarians and more in all sizes at Flower Power Packages. This is the most popular bag for food products across most retail and medical states.  These bags are over 4mil in thickness to satisfy all medical and recreational state laws for packaging dry flower, edible, and other Rx uses.  This bag features a fully re-closable zipper for ease of reuse and storage.  The material allows for processors, packagers, or retailers the option to heat seal the opening end shut for a tamper evident seal with a tear notch for easy opening by the end user.  This bag is odor and air proof to ensure airtight freshness of any packaged product.

  • Material PET/PE Plastic, Heat Sealable
  • Size 7" x 2.71"
  • Color Black Front / Black Back
  • Quantity 1,000
  • Use With Food, Crafts, Storage, Rx, Cosmetic, Parts, Garden