Professional Dab Tool Set by Honey Stick

HoneyStick is first to introduce a truly high-quality complete set of 3 professional-grade Dab Tools for the concentrates connoisseur. Specially crafted of high quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel and polished for maximum appeal these tools are rugged, sleek, and perfectly agile. The size of these tools was created so you can easily work with them and get surgical precision use from handling expensive concentrates of various textures. The length is comparable to a standard Bic disposable(writing) pen and the curvatures are designed for maximum grip and agility when in use.
These tools can be Thrown in the dishwasher or sterile oven for cleaning or soaked in alcohol, they are lifetime tools for several years of use. Each tool has the Honeystick insignia etched into the handle for authenticity. For Any Wax / Dab / or Concentrates situation whether for vaping, use with a rig, or just handling concentrates, this professional-grade dab tool set can make sure you have the proper tool for surgical precision.

Product Features:

Constructed with 304 Stainless Steel
Polished finish
A Tool every Dab scenario
Perfectly sized for precision use
Double ends are very handy for rig use


1 x Double Edged Cutting Scalpel
1 x Dab Tool with 2 ends one being a Rounded Curved Shovel and other is a Slim Dabber End
1 x Dab Tool with 2 ends one being a Wide End Flat Shovel and the other is a Slim Dabber End