Rollers Dream Gift Bundle

Rollers Paradise is an exclusive bundle offered at Flower Power Packages. Specifically tailored to those badasses that love to roll their own smokes, exactly how they want it, wherever they want it - every time. Available for a very limited time only, Rollers Paradise are prepackaged bundles with everything a true rolling connoisseur would want to have a relaxing weekend, from name-brand wraps, rolling papers, lighters, and so much more! Did we mention that included in this bundle is a free mystery item AND that it ships the same day? If you're curious at how expertly designed and packed with the incredible value this bundle is, don't wait - only 15 ever created!


  1. The Wakit Rechargeable Electric Herb Grinder
  2. MedTainer Shwifty Collection Rick & Morty Smell-Proof Grinder
  3. King Palms Slim Rolls 3 Pack
  4. Mellow Fellow Super Cone XL Corn Husk Wraps
  5. High Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
  6. Bee-Line Organic Hemp Wick
  7. Clipper Lighters Collectable with Hand Sewn Covers
  8. Raw Aluminum Roach Tray
  9. Raw Pocket Ash Tray
  10. MedTainer 2-Way Humidity Control Packs 4g - 8g
  11. 5 Count Organitips Premium Wood Rolling Tips