Slide Scrog Kit aka Screen of Green

Slide Scrog Kit aka Screen of Green

Slide-SCROG kits are a unique, custom-built solution for our grow kits that provide adjustable support for your plants. “SCROG” ("Screen Of Green") is a common term used in the cultivating industry to describe a grid or net placed on your plants to help spread out the canopy, maximizing light penetration and providing support for the plants as the heavy flowers develop. Constructed from durable UV-stabilized plastic, our Slide-SCROG frame is height-adjustable with a ratchet system to provide an easy way to deploy the SCROG plant support netting in your garden.

Screen of Green Kit

    • Durable, solid construction, designed to work with the existing tent frame

    • Simplifies building and installation of a Screen of Green solution for your grow tent

    • Allows for larger potential harvests

    • Includes 5’x15’ soft mesh trellis plant support netting

    • Includes 4 ratchets to evenly raise and lower the SCROG net

    • Perfect for scrogging your garden more easily when the plants are ready

    • Available in 5 different custom-built sizes for BudBox Tents: 2.5x2.5, 3.25x3.25, 2.5x4, 4x4, and 5x5

When we looked for a good Screen of Green solution for our LED grow kits, we couldn’t find anything on the market that allowed for coverage of the entire grow tent and wasn’t hundreds of dollars. So we developed our own Slide-SCROG Kit to be simple to install, yet effective and sturdy enough to use use harvest after harvest. Since all our PhytoMAX-2 LED grow lights include UV light in the spectrum, we also used UV-stabilized plastic to ensure the frame will last.

Our Slide-SCROG Kit is a simple solution allowing you to lower the SCROG plant support net in a controlled and level manner. Everything necessary to do this is included in the kit, and the plastic frame is cut specifically to fit your tent. The included netting will provide coverage for 3-6 grow cycles, depending on the size of the kit.

Shipping Size Variable
Shipping Weight (lb.) 5.0000
Product Dimensions Variable
Weight 5