Solid Wood Grinder 2 part

Shop for high-quality low price herb Grinders in all materials, colors, sizes and designs at Flower Power Packages. Solid wood 2 part grinder. Wooden cylindrical round grinder with straight metal pins for grinding. These are plain 2 part wooden grinders. Smooth easy turning.

These simple 2 part grinders are a favorite for wood enthusiasts. One or two turns is all you need to grind your materials to your delight. These grinders are small and portable.

Each one has been coated in linseed oil to ensure a smooth turn every time. Our small one measures 2″ or 50 mm in diameter. The Medium size measures 2.5″ or 63 mm in diameter.

Also, these simple 2 part grinder can easily be personally engraved with your own designs or logo. Simply email

Choice of: Small Size 2″ or 50 mm or Medium Size 2.5″ or 63 mm