Variable Voltage 510 Thread Vape Pens 25 Count Display

This set of awesome slim pen mod batteries will up your game with style; every battery features standard 510 threading AND, except for the small 320mAh battery, also features eGo threading, allowing these batteries to accept almost every cartridge or tank on the market today. Best of all, each battery is variable voltage via a twisting dial at the base, letting you cycle between 3.3 V and 4.8 V and anywhere in between to get the sweet spot your e-juices need for maximum flavor or clouds!

These pens are easily rechargeable! Every pen comes with a 510-USB charger which is easy to simply plug and charge! Just screw it onto the 510 thread of your battery and plug it into a convenient USB outlet.

Each battery also features a 1 minute preheat to get your juices up to target temp quickly and are sustainable, letting you enjoy them without having to worry about inconsistent heating and taste.

These pen batteries are available in a variety of capacities, so pick the best one for your needs. Check out this little table for more specifics on these vape pens:

  • Wide assortment of capacities, from 320mAh to 1300mAh!
  • 510- AND eGo threaded (except for 320mAh)
  • LONG 60 second preheat function
  • Includes 510-USB charger
  • 25-Piece Display Boxes available!