Vape Pens:  Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage  Explained

Vape Pens: Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage Explained

Vaping is still a relatively new adventure for most users. Whether the user is enjoying a nicotine-based vape or a wax pen for cannabis, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is best for each practice. Unfortunately for the novice, the differences in variable voltage and variable wattage can greatly affect your vaping experience.

The Formula for Better Resistance
The coil and the variation of resistance is mainly based on the coil. A good vape pen will have an equally good coil. However, the way a vaper can figure out whether a coil has a good resistance is through measuring it numerically in ohms.

Adjusting either voltage or wattage on your vaping device will help to overcome the resistance. The force required to overcome resistance is usually referred to as power. Here is the equation that will help you determine the power needed to overcome the resistance: power = volts ² /ohms

Spelled out, this means that the number of volts squared, then divided by the number of ohms is equivalent to the power. In this equation, voltage and wattage are relative.

Thus, if the voltage is adjusted, the wattage will follow suit.
Yet, it is important to note that variable voltage and variable wattage are not the same thing.

Variable Voltage Provides Manual Control Over Vape Power
There are a lot of vapers that prefer the ability to control their vape power. This is
especially true for early adapters to vapes, yet there are still up and coming vapers that prefer the same level of manual control.

Working with a variable voltage vape pen causes vapers to become well-acquainted with the power equation above. A voltage vape pen require users to calculate the preferred voltage, in order to achieve the preferred, vape power on the device. Remember that it is the coils that are responsible for the resistance, so whenever you change out the coil, it is important that you recalculate the voltage.

Variable Wattage Pre-Sets a Vape’s Power
Variable Wattage offers less control over the device, but it is much more user-friendly. Device wattage is controlled with an easier adjustment. This adjustment will automatically adjust the voltage to achieve the user’s preferred resistance. Even though the coil is still responsible for resistance, the automatic features of a

Variable Wattage
vape adjust accordingly. Therefore, this is more of a set-it-and-forget-it type of vaping experience.

Regardless of what you choose, however, it is still imprtoant to know your preferred resistance. Even though this might take a few tries to pinpoint, it is crucial to having a positive vaping experience. Vaping can be a truly rewarding experience. Yet, for those who do not understand the difference and importance of vaping specifics such as Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage, it can be difficult to pinpoint the experience that is right for you. Fortunately, if you do your research and understand the time of vape you are purchasing, it should not take you long to find your vaping sweet spot.

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