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What Is A Nectar Collector?

Nectar collector kits have become quite popular among dabbers these days— and for the right reasons!  One of the reasons behind this is that these kits are super simple to use, and anyone can handle them. These are portable kits which means they are easy to hold in hand and to carry anywhere. So, If you desire wax or oil and do not want to put much effort into the process, a nectar collector is just the right thing for you. Have you perused our Lookah products?

Components of a Nectar Collector Kit

Since a nectar collector kit is designed to be used with convenience, its components are simple as well. You can disassemble them whenever you want, and it’s just as easy to reassemble them. 

Given below are the parts of a nectar collector kit:

  • Dish: a container used to hold concentrate generally made of glass or silicone.
  • Straw: A silicone or glass made straw flared at the upper side which is heated and used to sip the wax or oil.
  • Tip: being an essential part of the nectar collector, the tip is made of quartz or titanium which is heated with a torch and used to inhale vapors.
  • Water Chamber: a flask-type chamber filled with water to filter the concentrate vapor before inhalation.

How Does a Nectar Collector Work?

A nectar collector is quite similar to bongs and rigs. But, when it comes to convenience, it stands apart. 

How to use a nectar kit? 
  • To begin with , you need a concentrate packaging jar or silicone container to hold concentrate. 

  • Put the concentrate in the dish and heat the tip of the collector with fire. 

  • Make sure that you give a good 20-25 second time to the tip so that it can cool off before usage. This way, the tip remains warm, yet it is not burning hot. 

  • Now, when you inhale the wax from the dish through a nectar collector straw, the concentrate vaporizes. 

  • Pull the device away from the concentrate after you vaporize the dab once.

Benefits of Using a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are different from dab rigs because they enable you to use as much concentrate as you want, especially if you have a big enough dish to hold it. Unlike dab rigs, you are not required to heat the bowl and dip the tip into it. Instead, you torch the titanium or quartz tip and then dip it into concentrate.This way, you get the convenience of not heating the bowl again and again when smoking for a longer period.

Glass Nectar Collectors 

Since nectar collectors are portable, they generally come in glass versions with various additional benefits. Glass kits are spill-proof, which means that you can carry them anywhere without worrying. Besides, you can disassemble the whole kit and carry it in a backpack, and it only occupies a small space. 

Moreover, for those who prefer the elevated flavor experience of dab rigs, using glass kits ensures almost the same traditional experience as it preserves the flavor tremendously well. So, you get the finest experience along with added above-mentioned features.

Electric Nectar Collectors

While honey straw had already changed the way of dabbing, electric nectar collectors have truly revolutionized the method. Even though ordinary kits are pretty seamless, electric straws do not even require any external heat source. All you do is switch on the button and begin dabbing as much as you want. So, if you are the one who prefers the highest level of convenience along with pocket-friendliness, this is what you need. 

Put simply, if you’ve always wanted to dab on the go, nectar collector sets were built for you.

Nectar Collectors for Sale

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