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What Are Dab Containers?

Dab containers, also known as concentrate packaging, wax containers, and dab jars are the best way to store wax, shatter, hash, kief, caviar, oil, and other small items used in cannabis packaging. These vape accessories are used by anyone who is dabbing regularly and already knows that waxy build-ups can plague incorrect storage space.

Wholesale & Bulk Pricing Concentrate Dab Jars

Shop for high-quality, low price, wholesale or bulk pricing on dab containers available in plastic, silicone, acrylic, or glass in all sizes at Flower Power Packages. Browse our selection of 5ml, 9ml, 6ml, and 7ml dab containers from the comfort of your office or couch. Free shipping at $250

These dab jars were designed specifically to keep your product fresh as the day it was packaged and upgrade your customers’ experience. 

Dabbing is a sticky business and experienced dabbers know that the best way to store concentrate is in a non-stick silicone container. Keep your concentrates lint and element-free! 

Can you leave shatter in the freezer?

If it's in a dab jar it's fine, but if not you might get moisture in your oil. Just go ahead and leave it in parchment in a sealed container or a baggy. No need to freeze.

How do you clean DAB jars?

Use iso and some salt. Shake it up and rinse with water. The salt acts as a scrubber.

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