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The History Of Futurola
It all started with a brother and sister duo, Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg. They owned and operated several coffee shops and cafes in Amsterdam in the 80’s + 90’s. Their most well-known location was Future Coffee Shop, the birthplace of Futurola (1996).

In the business of importing + exporting various smoking products for their stores, Yvonne and Evert saw an opportunity to develop superior items to those which were widely available at the time. This led them to seek out the highest quality, thinnest Rolling Paper, made in France with organic arabic gum from the acacia tree. Another iconic item designed by the Brandenburg’s is our King Size Cone Roller, which truly revolutionized the smoking culture in Amsterdam.

The Futurola Knockbox
The Futurola Knockbox is the fastest, most efficient way for dispensaries and commercial operations to fill pre-rolls and cones. Capable of filling 100 pre-rolled cones in 2 minutes, this is a must have for serious businesses.

The Futurola Shredder
To further optimize your dispensary or commercial grow, use the Futurola shredder! This high intensity plant matter grinder can shred and remove stems from 3 pounds in 7 seconds!

Futurola takes extreme pride in ensuring that they provide clients with the highest level of customer care and product innovations. Futurola took the industry by storm with the introduction of the Futurola Knockbox cone filling system (2015), and Futurola Shredder (2017). Finally, there is a fast and easy way to evenly fill Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones, which are individually hand rolled to perfection using the ultra-thin Rolling Paper and organic arabic gum.

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