Collection: Grinders & Presses

Shop online at Flower Power Packages for a large selection of herb grinders and pollen presses. Grinders and presses can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and with a ton of different features. Flower Power Packages offers grinders and presses from the hottest brands in the industry including Futurola.

Grinders and presses are an important tool to have if you're a regular smoker. Grinders shred your herb into a fine consistency so it can be easily loaded into a bowl or vaporizer. Many grinders feature "pollen screens" that collect the smallest particles from your herb. Once you've collected this you can use a pollen press to make a solid disc of pollen that can then be enjoyed in your favorite piece! When you're in need of a new grinder or press be sure to check out Flower Power Packages for all the best models available.

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