Futurola Cone Lock Storage Tubes

The Futurola Pre-Rolled Cone Lock Tubes are Certified Child Resistant and go great with the Knockbox to finish the job for your packaging needs!
Choose Between 3 Colors: Opaque Black, Opaque White, and Clear

Cone Lock Tube Features
1X tubes are compatiable with Reefer Size, 1 1/4 Size, Slim Size, and King Size Pre-Rolled Cones
3X tubes are compatiable with Reefer Size, 1 1/4 Size, Slim Size, King Size, and Fatboy Pre-Rolled Cones

Q: What are the Futurola Dutch Brown & Classic Whtie cones made of?
A: Both papers are made from the same natural materials, but our Dutch Brown paper is unrefined. We have simply left out a refining step that removes the brown filaments from our white paper.
Q: Why should I choose Futurola Rolling Papers?
A: Our exclusive ultra-thin rolling paper is refined in France without any chemical additives. This maintains its distinctive color and taste. We use all organic gum arabic & FSC certified paper Filter Tips.
Q: Why are Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones the only Knockbox-compatible cones?
A: Our Pre-Rolled Cones are hand rolled to perfection using our exclusive ultra-thin Rolling Papers with organic gum arabic. The crown, or opening, of each cone is crafted to be consistently circular in shape, and each cone size is customized to fit impeccably in its respective Filling Kit.
Q: What are Storage Tubes used for?
A: Our self-extinguishing Storage Tubes help keep your pre-rolls fresh. In the coffee shops of Amsterdam, they are also used to color code menus.
Q: Why is it better to fold the opening of my cone into a Dutch Crown rather than twisting it?
A: Twisting the crown leads to uneven burning. Folding the Dutch Crown creates a flat surface which is optimal for igniting a smooth, even burn.
Q: What happens if I break my Roller?
A: This is incredibly rare, but things happen! We understand the struggle, so we offer replacement parts for the mat and pins.