Collection: Cannabis Packaging

What is Cannabis Packaging?

Cannabis packaging is harvested cannabis in glass or even flexible packaging. Due to state regulations, often cannabis packaging must be child-resistant and resealable. Cannabis and dispensary brands use their packaging to convey their messaging, branding, and overall brand aesthetic to consumers. The intention of pot packaging is to preserve the quality and integrity of the enclosed cannabis with things like exit and mylar bags, pop-top bottles, and reversible cap vials. 

Interested in Buying Cannabis Containers?

Flower Power Packages has you covered! Browse our large selection of premium cannabis packaging for edibles, food, cosmetics, cannabis, and more. Find smell-proof, concentrate packaging (see video below) and child-resistant glass jars, for growers, distributors, and dispensaries. In addition, our glass jars are delivered assembled! 

At Flower Power Packages, we offer free shipping on orders $250 and up, discreet packaging, and there are no surprising tariff tax charges at checkout. We also offer custom packaging solutions and all our flower packaging products are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

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