Slim Portable Atoms Jump Vaporizer

Shop for high-quality low price vaporizers in all materials, colors and designs at Flower Power Packages. The Atmos Jump is the most recent addition to the already impressive Atmos catalog. The Atmos Jump provides the sleek design of a vape pen with the power of a portable dry herb vaporizer. This slim and stylish pen is fully equipped with an anodized heating chamber, which means you’ll have no exposed coils to worry about, and a single temperature setting optimized for streamlined dry herb vaping.

With how fast the world of vaping is expanding, new users may be overwhelmed with the variety of options on the market. Many boast endless customized setting options and interchangeable accessories for a high price tag that may feel intimidating to those with less experience or just looking to try vaping for the first time.

The Atmos Jump is not only one of the most affordable portable units on the market, but it also offers simple streamlined controls so you can enjoy vaping right away without having to learn about temperature settings or fancy add-on gadgets. However, though the Jump may be easy to use, it’s still powerful enough to get the pure flavor and large clouds even an experienced vaper is sure to enjoy.

Overall, the Atmos Jump offers an extremely easy to use yet powerful vaping experience packed into an affordable and amazingly portable device, making it the perfect companion for dry herb vaping on the go.