Sun Hut Fortress Grow Tents

Maintaining a proper growing environment is crucial for a successful, high-yield grow. Indoor gardening tents provide a convenient way to isolate your growing area so you can maintain proper temperature, humidity, light, and odor containment, while keeping out dust and insects. The Sun Hut Fortress grow tents are the highest-quality, sturdiest tents we've ever used, and over many years of indoor growing, we've tried them all! Featuring easy assembly, easy access, rubberized bottoms to prevent water damage to floors, sturdy frames to hold lights, filters and fans, the Sun Hut Fortress tents are the best way to create a self-contained environment for your indoor garden. A gorilla could hang from these gardening tents! Model numbers identify the approximate volume of the tent in cubic feet.

  • TENT HEIGHT — All gardening tents are 7' 1" (85") except for the Sun Hut Fortress 245 (5.8'X5.8') which is 7' 3" (88.5")
  • DURABLE STEEL FRAME — The frames are extremely robust and include heavy duty reinforced polypropylene connectors that fit securely into our galvanized steel poles. The 150 Fortress tent features 22mm poles.
  • MULTIPLE ACCESS POINTS — Full 360° access to growing area via large zippered doors.
  • RUBBERIZED FLOOR WITH REMOVABLE MYLAR LINER — 5.5" high, waterproof, rubberized floor (removable reflective Mylar floor liner also included).
  • LARGER SIZE — Larger than competitive models to comfortably fit flood trays.
  • RESILIENT 1680D FABRIC — Fortress tents are built using strong and durable fabric, constructed from 1680D light-tight material with a highly reflective interior surface. The material is up to 9 times thicker than popular industry tents! Reinforced stitching throughout for maximum durability.
  • LIGHT-PROOF ZIPPERS — Heavy duty zippers backed with light-proof rubberized flaps.
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES —Rubberized waterproof floor helps to contain water spills from escaping outside of the tent. Includes a removable reflective floor liner, ports for ventilation and cords, two micro-mesh screened ventilation windows, and many more great features.
  • IMPROVED VENTILATION — Dual sock ventilation and access ports with lower vent windows with micro-mesh screens and removable covers.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! — Sonic welded irrigation line access holes allows reservoir to be placed outside of tent
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Shipping Weight (lb.) 38.0000
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